Why Must Black People Know The Meaning Of "In My Next Life" Before It's Too Late?

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Dear Fan of Silis Muhammad,

On the walls of the Pyramids, a Message was recorded for a future generation of slave descendants (AFRODESCENDANTS) which must be understood today.

The Message, which will shake your understanding once known, answers questions you likely didn't know you had about who you are and why you're living in America.

That's why Silis Muhammad wrote "In My Next Life... to tell you the truth of your existence before time runs out.

There are people who do not want you to know the truth of this Message, if you are an Afrodescendant.

But you can get this time-sensitive awareness from when you read "In My Next Life".

In this book, you'll learn little-known Black historical facts through firsthand accounts of Silis Muhammad. 

You'll journey with Mr. Muhammad as he describes personal dilemmas that led him to take an unpopular stand for the good of the Black community...then travel through the controversial rise, fall, and rise again of the Nation of Islam...then receive wisdom on how these events are fulfilling an ancestral Ancient Desire and involves every Black man, woman, and child living in the Americas.

Here's A Small Sample Of What You'll Discover

  • THE Return: Our Spiritual Birth
  • Letter Delivered To Imam Wallace D. Muhammad
  • The Squabble: Aaron Meets The Prophet Like Moses
  • The False Prophet
  • The Argument
  • The Biggest Untruth Ever Believed
  • Epiphany: This Moment – This Is Your Life
  • In My Next Life

Imagine Seeing Black History Through The Eyes of A Witness

Now you can.

Within the pages of this long-anticipated book, Silis Muhammad highlights historic encounters--Describes Implications To Afrodescendants)--with Minister Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam, Judaism, and more.

Mr. Muhammad also shows you how to embark upon a course of self-knowledge, using examples from his own life.

This book is sure to answer many questions that readers have about the Times we are living in and more.

What Readers Have Said

A must read....Mr. Muhammad, walks us down the line of history back into the mind of our ancestors revealing hidden truths that have been right before our faces. Just when you thought there was nothing more to learn from those ancient scriptures carved on stone he drops the bombshell. In My Next Life, reveals the real thought behind the building of the Pyramids over fifty thousand years ago.
- Hakim Rasheed
This book speaks on the truth and where The Lost Found Nation of Islam is going for the black man woman and child.
-Steven Harris

About Silis Muhammad

Silis Muhammad is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam. Over the last 40+ years, he has served as an example to Afrodescendants in the areas of self-development and Afrodescendant human rights.

With his perspectives on the Time of Judgement, civil death, Afrodescendant human rights, self-identity, and reparations, Afrodescendants can more easily grasp the ramifications of their ancestor’s enslavement during the transatlantic slave trade.

Why Wait? Why put off taking your understanding to the next level? You can order your copy of “In My Next Life” now.

When you do, you'll be on your way to getting a front-row, behind-the-scene knowledge of events still shaping the spiritual, political, and social lives of Black people who are Afrodescendants.

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